Thursday, August 12, 2010


After Scott blew up my car in September 2008 I got a new Acura TSX. Love the car. It's amazing. I'm very pleased. However, the customer service people at wherever the Acura headquarters are located are driving me insane!!!! When I first got the car they must have called me once a day for an entire month to ask me how I was enjoying my car. I finally told the woman she was not allowed to call me and ask me that question anymore.
So I just had to get my oil changed and the customer service people called me and wanted to know how my experience was and if I'm still enjoying my TSX. THEN, they flood my inbox asking me to take a quiz. And don't even think about just deleting the message and ignoring it. Oh no, they'll continue to badger you until you take it. So I just took the stupid thing then I had to leave them a special message. I informed them that I love my car, I never have trouble with it, the service I receive at Riverside Acura in LR is always fantastic but they have got to stop bugging me. I told them they call and email me way too often to make sure I'm okay with my car which is making me NOT okay with my car. I told them that their customer service tries way too hard and they are the reason I may not ever purchase an Acura ever again. That may not necessarily be true because I've had 4 cars now and it's for sure my favorite but I really needed to get my point across. If you're thinking about purchasing an Acura beware. I never thought friendly customer service could be annoying. Acura manages to make it a bad thing.
Do you guys remember when my car blew up? In case you weren't reading then here's some photos of my brand new white Nissan Altima. This was apparentaly a default and I was the lucky person to get affected.

It was so traumatizing at the time but Scott and I can't help but LOL every time we talk about it now. I mean...what is that? Maybe I should thank Acura that this hasen't happened to me the next time they make me take a quiz.

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