Friday, August 6, 2010

Let's Move On....

Okay something is getting on my nerves and I finally just have to vent about it. Jessica Simpson is on yet another magazine cover talking about how happy she is 'with her new body.' I'm so over this. A.) She's been bigger for nearly 2 years now so why are we still talking about it and B.) Jess you're lying and everyone knows it. Tyra and Jennifer Love Hewitt all tried to tell us how much they loved their bigger body too and what happened? They lost the weight. The magazines need to give it a rest. They're bugging me even harder than she is. Come up with a different subject to talk with her about because we're all sick of the headline that reads 'Jessica Defends Her New Body: I love it!'
Today I have the day off. I think I'm gonna go to the pool and maybe get a pedicure. Then I'm going to go work out then get ready for dinner at Bordinos with my friends to celebrate Jacqueline's birthday! I'm excited about it. I love Bordinos and I love a night out in Fayetteville. It makes me happy.
Okay that's all....

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