Monday, August 2, 2010

Shopping With Landon

I had a really great weekend. Of course I always enjoy getting to spend time with my sweet nephew. I arrived in Little Rock around lunch time on Friday and Mom and I almost immediately took Landon to the pool! He's a great little swimmer! I taught him categories and he loved it. I still love categories myself. I made Scott play it with me when we went to Riviera Maya and he was so embarrassed but humored me anyway.
Saturday we went to the lake...of course. My family lives on the lake every weekend. Landon never managed to ski. Of course he'll only try about 3-5 times then he's totally over it. Next summer for sure. It was a fun lake day. We were silly and had fun and it was great!
Sunday was such a lazy day. We took Landon to see Toy Story 3 and I'm not even ashamed to admit I cried at the end. It was good! For some reason the power went out in my parents neighborhood around 7 and after waiting until 11 and it never coming back on, Mom, Dad, and I headed over to Kyles to spend the night.
Today I watched Landon all day. I managed to spend $100 while doing that too. I took him to the little shopping area in LR where Fresh Market and Bonefish is-- whatever that place is called. I just can't help myself when it comes to little kid clothes. I almost want to go on ahead and purchase some for my future children. I bought Landon a cute little shirt from Cupcakes and Catapillars and some Sperry's from Belk. I love Sperry's on little boys. Landon really wanted these shoes that light up but they were hideously ugly and I wouldn't buy them. I remember when I wanted stuff that I thought was so cool but my Mom thought they were ugly so she wouldn't get them for me. Like jelly shoes or those dressy socks with the beads dangling from them. Ya'll remember those? I never had any. Mom thought they were tacky and I thought that was so mean. Haha! I get it now.
After shoe shopping we went in the Toggery and I really wanted to buy him this adorable Cookie Monster shirt but it was a size 6...too big! Good thing was $50. Landon managed to find himself a Toy Story toy while in there and I don't know how to say no (except to ugly shoes) so we got it. Then got a cupcake next door. I decided after that I better go home before I spent another $100. As we were walking to the car I said to Landon 'well I've spent a lot of money on you within an hour' and he said 'It's been a great day!!!' He's so sweet. I could just eat him up.
I went home and gave everyone a haircut before I always. Then Mom took me to Barbara Jean and bought me a DVF dress!! It's very Charlotte York Goldenblatt/Park Avenue...not typically a style I gravitate to but I decided to go for it anyways! It's sweet. I like!
I got home at 8 and was so hungry my vision was blurry. I watched The Bachelorette (boo ali) E! News is currently on and now I've gotta hop off so I can watch my recorded DVR of Entourage.

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