Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dominican Republic Part 2

Scott and I are still having an amazing time here! We are total lazy beach bums all day long. We stayed in the pool talking to people yesterday until 7:00! The food here is so delicious. Way better than the resort in Mexico. I got a smidge bit burned yesterday which blows my mind as I lather up with sunscreen a zillion times a day and the number on the bottle says 60!!! I always miss spots somehow and Scott always makes fun of my random red marks on my body. I'm worried the 60 won't protect it so I may have to go search for some 100 today. Crazieness.
Yesterday Scott and I competed in beach volleyball which was super fun then we did a ping pong turnament. Scott's really good at ping pong as he had a table in his house growing up. We definitely pulled a Razorback move. We were both way ahead in our divisions then lost it in the very end. Oh well!
Okay time to grab some breakfast, spf 1 million, then get our seats by the pool. Happy Tuesday!
My husband is a really good beach volleyball player! He gets a little too intense for me though.

This is my new all time favorite photo. Dont' you love how I'm scared of the ball? It really cracks me up.

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