Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Fun Day

--I enjoyed my Monday off. It was lovely. I went to Fayetteville to hang. Love it there.
--I'm so so tired and it's only 9. I think I'm going to go take my nightly shower and get in bed.
--I've also been working on my project a lot today. Still not going to tell you guys about it yet...maybe by the end of the week...maybe next week. We'll just have to see how my project is coming along. Nobody knows about it except Scott, Mom, Dad & Kyle and they're sworn to secrecy.
--Juno is on TV right now. Such a great movie.
--I bought a dress at Masons today. I'm worried to tell Scott as I promised I would be el-cheap-o for the rest of the month since we're randomly taking off to Mexico and the cheapness will help budget out the bank account. Whoops! It's kinda low cut so maybe he won't care when he see's it on? Let's hope!
--Speaking of trips I don't think Scott and I are going to go to Colorado anymore for our anniversary trip in January. Our travel agent is working on something else for us. I'll let you know eventually whenever we get it all booked up. Yay for traveling!
--Scott just got the mail and my Glamour and Marie Claire were in the box! I'm officially looking forward to tomorrow now.
That's all.

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