Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Are The Johnsons To Do?

So I believe Riveria Maya is officially a no-go. I've defriended Secrets Capri on Facebook which really made it official. What are we gonna do? Who knows!!! Yesterday I was like 'oh who cares if we don't go.' I'm still a little bit like that but then the reality of not going anywhere setting in really bums me out. So now we're looking into different options. Scott called our travel agent and asked her to look for something for us super fast. She sent us some stuff tonight that we like in the Caribbean. We absolutely have to get this figured out by noon tomorrow because if we are going then we have to leave on Saturday because that's the only flight options for the Caribbean. HUGE and I mean HUGE bummer because of the Alabama game. I mean, we scheduled this trip around the Bama game. But what do you do? Not go lay on the beach because of a Razorback game? Maybe! Is that stupid? Yes.
What's a married couple to do? You tell me! We're both totally lost. You know you're Razorback fans when you can't decide to go to the Caribbean because of them. You know you're Scott and Kara Johnson when it rains on your vacation....
I'll let you know tomorrow sometime in the afternoon what we choose to do. I have got to go to bed. This has made me stress too much. Combine that with the 2nd busiest work day in my history ever and I'm officially zonked!

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