Friday, October 1, 2010

Back from DR

Scott and I are back from the Dominican Republic! We arrived at XNA after midnight last night. It was crazy to feel chilly air. We left hotness, went to extra hotness, then came back to cool. Lovely! Fall is my favorite.
So if you're wondering if it rained all day Wednesday the answer is yes. It held off for about an hour. Long enough for Scott and I to get settled with our Miami Vice's, slap on some sunscreen, and soak in the sun. Then bam. Storm. We were sent to our rooms for the rest of the day. WHAT a bummer. We figured though given the season...and our luck but still....not happy 'bout it. I just poured into the amazing book I read (Redeeming Love) on our terrace while looking at the rain pouring into the ocean....and ordered random room service with Scott at 3. Not because we were hungry...because we were bored!! Best way to gain weight for sure. (Which I only gained 1. Yay for me. Record!!!!)
We didn't fly out until 5 yesterday so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beach yesterday which was great!
All in all it was a really fantastic trip. The Dominican Republic is beautiful. It's an up and coming touristy island and I love that we got to experience it before it became too popular. Our resort was gorg!!!! I loved the Spanish feel of it. I also loved that it was way under capacity. Scott and I scored the best seats (same ones all week) every single day. We were always the 2nd couple out by the pool. We made sure to get there by 9 every morning. Most people showed up around 11...Scott welcomed the swim-up bar when it opened at 10 with open arms. Free!! he kept saying all week. We must take advantage! Nerd.
The staff was ridiculously friendly--huge language barrier but that's alright. I understand people trying to speak English WAY better than Scott. He does better trying to figure out Spanish than their English. The food was much, much better than Secrets Maroma. I would rank this my 2nd best trip ever. It was so fantastic to get away and relax for a week! Whew! That was long. Enjoy all these pics now.

Our random room service food we ordered at 3 pm because we were bored. It was so good btw.

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