Friday, October 22, 2010

Computer Virus

Our computer has had a virus for a good 4 months now. Of course it's all my fault. Scott's always like 'What did you do?' Why is it always assumed that it's my fault? Rude! Anyways, the virus has been exceptionally irritating to me because I feel like I'm on this computer 24/7. Scott never really noticed it because he's on a computer all day at work so it's the last thing he wants to do when he gets home. Finally, after I threw out a loud ARGH!!! followed by a I'm taking this to Best Buy tomorrow because I can't wait any longer to get this fixed, Scott got the point and was like I'll fix it tomorrow. I didn't believe him because he's been saying it for 4 months but whatdya know, he fixed it! It must have been the ARGH followed by the attitude....
I would consider myself to be computer savvy but not when it comes to fixing a virus. This wasn't just any virus, this one was tragic. Good thing my husband is what I would consider to be a computer genius. Well, he's pretty much a genius at everything but he's really good when it comes to computers. Like, the dude knows nearly every key stoke out there. He rarely has to use a mouse. He always tries to teach me but I always forget. Anyways...back on track. Scott had to completely wipe out our computer and restore it so I basically feel like I have a brand new laptop and it's fantastic! Good story huh? Sorry, that's all I got. Unless you wanted me to complain about the game tomorrow for two reasons: a.) it starts at 11:20 and b.) there's an 80% chance of rain. That does not work for me. BOO!

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