Monday, October 4, 2010

Vegetable Soup & Cornbread Casserole

I have been very domestic today. It must be the fall weather. It's my favorite season. October is my 2nd favorite month (after May). I went to Walmart today and all of the Halloween goodies got me excited. So I decided to make rice krispy treats and use Halloween cookie cutters to make shapes! It was a touch more difficult than I intended given the stickiness. Plus the palm of my hand feels bruised from pressing down so hard on the metal cookie cutter. Oh well! All worth it. My husband enjoyed. I think I had a bite. I didn't care about eating them I just wanted to do it for fun. I made plenty for Scott and I to take to work tomorrow.
I also made some delicious vegetable soup! Again--it's the weather. I have such a great vegetable soup recipe and it's seriously the easiest vegetable soup recipe in the whole wide world. I'd be will to put money on it. Want the recipe?

2-Big Family sized cans of Campbells tomato soup
1-Can of Rotel
1-Can of Petite Diced tomatoes (drained)
1-Can of Le Sueur Peas (drained)
1 -Can of Le Sueur carrots (drained)
1-Can of corn (drained)
1-Can of french style green beans (drained)
Fill 2 empty cans of soup with water. Mix together. Add a squirt of ketchup. Salt and Pepper to taste.
Bam! Told you it was easy. Sometimes I add a pound of ground beef and some potatoes too if I'm feeling adventurous but that takes longer and creates more dishes for me to have to wash. Seriously....isn't that the easiest vegetable soup recipe ever? And people always rave to me about how good it is. Try it! It's such a delightful comfort meal.
I also made an amazing cornbread casserole dish to go along with it. Again, it's probably the easiest cornbread casserole dish that exists. You believe me now right? Want that recipe?

1-Stick of melted butter (badness I know)
1-Can of Whole Kernal Corn (drained)
1-Can Cream Style Corn
1-Box of Jiffy.
Mix together. Bam! I add some jalapenos because I love that extra flavor. Bake how the jiffy box tells you. It's amazing. Again, I always get compliments on it and now it's become a staple dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas in my household. Such a great meal tonight if I do say so myself. Comforting, easy, and....lots and lots of leftovers!

Back to work tomorrow....BOO!!!!!!

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