Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wade & Alissa's Wedding

Whew! Well I feel as if I'm just now getting back into the swing of things since last Wednesday! Scott and I headed to Cincinnati for Wade and Alissa's wedding on Thursday. We actually stopped in St. Louis on Thursday night at the mid-way point to help breakup the trip. Scott and I had so much fun in St. Louis! We researched the week before to find out what the most popular local restaurant was. We took a cab there and it was phenom! We headed back to our hotel downtown after that for a few cocktails then went to bed. I insisted to Scott that we eat at Maggiano's for lunch before we headed for Cinci. Mmm....mmmm....Scott had never been there before. He now knows why I love it so much. They need to put one here in NWA!!
We arrived in Cincinnati around 6:00 that night. Wade and Alissa had a cocktail party Friday night so we went to that and it was super fun. We met a lot of amazing people and hung out with them all night. Alissa is from Cincinnati and Wade is from Jersey (they met at Wake Forrest) so needless to say we were the only Arkansas folks there. Or as some people pronounced it AR-Kansas.
I told Wade I was quite tickled by the eastern boys attire. Khakis, button down, blue blazer, same haircut, same shoes, same EVERYTHING! I felt like I was watching that movie The Skulls. I loved it! Too cute.
Saturday Scott and I went shopping at Saks. AHHHH Heaven. It's so such a good thing we don't have one anywhere near me. I managed to sneak away with a few goodies. Who has the best husband ever? Me!!!
Alissa and Wade's wedding started at 5 and they had a shuttle bus (or 3) for all of their out of town guests to take. It picked everyone up at 4. Their ceremony was beautiful! I always love to hear those wedding vows. It makes it resonate with you all over again. After the ceremony we headed to the Country Club for a very fun paaarty!! Cocktails for two hours, delicious filet and crab cakes for dinner, amazing cake, great dancing to a great band, champagne overflowing, black tie attire! It was amazing and very tasteful. Good job Alissa!
We drove all the way back to Arkansas on Sunday. We left Cincinnati at 12 our time and got back at 10:30. Not too terrible. Good thing I enjoy my husbands company or that long of a drive could have potential to be pretty miserable! All in all it was a perfect weekend. We wouldn't have missed their wedding for the world! They're very special people to us and even though we don't live in the same city anymore they'll be those kind of friends we'll always keep in touch with. You can check out their wedding photos on my fb page. Congrats Wade and Alissa!!! I have no doubt you guys are in it for the long haul.

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