Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holly's Heart

Yesterday I took Holly to the vet. Even though she had just been there on Friday. I've officially spent mine and Scott's monthly budget on the Rose Animal Clinic. Fun times.
Holly has always had asthma. Ever since she was a puppy. I've come to learn this is very common in toy breads. Anywho, her asthma never really acts up. She has a little attack maybe 1 time a week. Well on Monday morning around 7 am Holly was snoozing with Scott and I and she woke us both up with an attack. Then later that night around dinner she had around 5 different attacks! I immediately pick up the phone to call mom. I've never known Holly to have that many in one day and was wondering if Mom had either--she hadn't. Tuesday she does the same thing so I call the vet. I'm of course thinking 'ya'll did something to her when she was in there Friday.' They say I should bring her I did yesterday.
Poor Holly shakes and shivers the second we pull into the parking lot. She HATES the vet. So on Friday when we were there getting her shots and doing an overall check on the doodlebug, the doctor noticed Holly has a heart murmur. Did I nearly pass out when she told me that? Yes. The vet seemed to think it was no big a level 2/6 and if we noticed Holly coughing at night, we need to bring her in. Of course I go home and google heart murmurs for the next hour and feel assured that Holly's a-ok. Some dogs are even born with them.
Well yesterday we saw a different doctor and she seemed to think Holly's murmur was a 3/6 and we needed to start medication ASAP. She said this is the cause of her 'coughing.' I told her 13 times she's not 'coughing' she's having asthma attacks. Not to question her intelligence or anything but I think she's wrong.
SO on my way home from the vet, I call Holly's doctor in Little Rock, Dr. Bob, and have him talk with me about it. Dr. Bob loves Holly and he probably said 18 times 'I KNOW how much you and your Mom LOVE this dog.' Yes we would jump in front of a bus to save her. So he said we should bring Holly in to see him on Monday and--get this--there is a dog cardiologist in Little Rock who he'll have come look at Holly. See. I love that about Little Rock. Bigger cities offer stuff like that. Anyways, Dr. Tony has really awesome top notch equipment and he's going to be able to look at Holly's heart and determine what exactly is going on with my precious girl. Here we go again! We've already had a dog gynecologist take a look at we've got a cardiologist. HAHA.
So we'll just see. I hope she doesn't have to take medicine for her heart murmur because Dr. Bob said if she does, it'll be 4 pills a day for the rest of her life!! I guess Holly wouldn't mind it so much because we always disguise it in cheese or peanut butter. It's not a death sentence for Holly--even though the unintelligent vet tried to tell me to treasure the days, she has 6 months. Whatever! Was she looking at the right dog? Holly's as spunky as a 2 year old with great health. Dr. Bob predicts she'll live to be 16. I told Dr. Bob you know how when you just have a feeling that what someone tells you just isn't right? I just feel like she's not right. And I don't want to give Holly the medicine she made me buy without being 100% sure. Regardless I'd appreciate having Dr. Tony take a look at Holly anyways and tell us to the T what Holly's heart is doing. It will just give me some peace.
So that was my day.

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