Thursday, December 2, 2010

CB Here We Come!

Allllrighty. We're going to Crested Butte! It's official. Our trip is getting booked today. 7 days and 6 nights in snow village heaven! I'm totally excited about it. I think I secretly, deep down wanted to go skiing just because it's different. Scott's kinda excited. Haha. No actually he's really excited but so worried about skiing. He doesn't understand how easy it is. He thinks I'm just saying that to ease his mind. I just LOVE skiing and would love to squeeze in a yearly trip of it. Maybe Scott will feel the same after he goes!
We're leaving January 23 and the flight is great. We leave here at 8 am and get into CB at 11 am. Such a nice change from those 5 am Caribbean flights. I think the first day we're going to go to the little grocery store and stock up our little kitchen we have. Maybe after grocery shopping we can squeeze in a half a day of skiing. I don't see why not! The next day is our anniversary and I love that we'll wake up in snow village heaven! (that's what I keep calling it)
I'm so looking forward to this trip! I'm totally going to record Scott's first attempt off the ski lift and then down the ski trail. Hehe! Can't wait ya'll!!!!!

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