Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holly Shout Out!

Mom and I picture text every day. Usually a cute text from the doodlebug saying hi. I got this one from her today as she was waiting for a treat at the bank (which they neglected to give her...the nerve). Enjoy this post from Holly.....

Brr...it's cold outside. I honestly like wearing my sweaters because it keeps me warm! I'm very cold natured. Mr. Bank Teller please give me a treat. I live for them....

There's nothing I love more than snuggling! Add a blanket in the mix and I am in pure heaven! I LOVE blankets.

I also love my new 'Queen sized' bed my Momma just bought me. I hardly ever want to get out of it because it's so comfy and I can stretch out if I want. Way better than the twin bed I used to have. In case you don't know, taking naps is one of my favorite past times...

This is the meal Kara made for Scott tonight. Doesn't it look yummy. Wish I was at their house tonight because I know they would have shared a bite with me.

Love, Holly

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