Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kathryn's Wedding

Hello, hello! I'm back home after spending a great weekend in Little Rock. Kathryn's wedding was beautiful!!!!! She used a lot of the same people I did so that made it fun for me. I especially enjoyed getting to visit with my band, The Rocketts. They're such a great band. I highly recommend. My 86 year old Mimi was there. She cracks us up a lot with the funny things she says. She's kinda losing it big time just a touch. While it's sad we just have to make the best out of it and laugh at her 'moment's' instead of let it get us down. So my Uncle Rex's wife, MargeAnna, was sitting with Mimi during the ceremony. MargeAnna said to her 'okay now I've got us some tissues because we may tear up when Rex is walking Kathryn down the isle.' and Mimi said 'oh honey I don't know them as well as you do I'll be fine.' HAHA. Priceless. MargeAnna also pointed out the 'in memory of Wallace Luttrell' on the program and Mimi said 'oh he'll just love that I can't wait to show him.' Oh Mimi....
I could do an entire post on her funnies. Maybe I will one day. She grabbed Dad's wine at the reception and gulped it down not realizing what she was drinking. So Uncle Rex said 'Mom do you want me to get you some wine?' and she said 'oh no! I better not.' LOL. She's funny.
Today we went to a brunch at the Clinton Library for the happy couple and it was SO NICE. My Aunt Gayle's family threw it and I told Scott it was totally comparable to some people's weddings! Live Jazz band, open bar (at 11am) gorgeous flowers, beautiful table settings, amazing food. Yum-O. They're all from Louisiana so it was a very cajun/New Orleans feel and I LOVED. Kathryn and Spencer are headed to St. Lucia for 10 days! Jeal. They wanted so badly to stay at Jade Mountain but Jade is actually closed this week so they couldn't stay there. Scott and I gave them a little St. Lucia advice. I know they're going to be in paradise as St. Lucia is my favorite island I've visited so far. Congrats to my sweetheart of a cousin and her new hubby!!

Alrighty, guess I'm gonna find something good on TV while I snuggle with the doodlebug.

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