Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holly Goes Potty

Warning! If poo poo talk grosses you out do not continue to read.

There's two important things you should know about Holly. She goes potty on a puppy pad and treats rock her world. Let me elaborate.

First: When we got Holly, it poured down rain for the first 2 weeks we had her. So potty training posed a problem. Because my dog is incredibly dainty and she won't step outside in rain, sleet, or snow. It's slightly humorous. The solution at the time--Puppy Pads! She got used to doing her business on those, and 14 years later--we've helped the inventor become a billionaire. The reason I'm telling you this is because we read a book while we were potty training Holly that said we should make a really big deal and praise her when she goes potty. So we would just hoop and holler and clap! Somehow, Holly came to believe #2 was a much bigger deal than #1. And still to this day, whenever she goes #2 on the puppy pad, she RUNS into the room with her tail wagging to let us know what she's just done. We hoop and holler and make a big deal out of it (because 14 years later, she still expects it) and she gets a treat. It happens daily....she's a once a day kinda gal...mornings preferably.

Second: Holly lives for treats. LIVES for them. I've never known a dog who loves treats like Holly. You say treat to her, and she licks her lips. As if it's a command. I mean, I cannot articulate enough how much my dog lives for treats. She asks for them all day. I'm sitting on the sofa and Holly gives my that come hither look. To which I ask 'what do you want Holly?' and she does her happy dance and leads me to the pantry. Sometimes she'll just stand in front of the pantry until a treats emerges from it. She doesn't care if she has to wait 30 minutes for it. She's crazy. CRAZY for treats. It's amazing Holly doesn't weigh 20 pounds. She should. God blessed her with a great metabolism.

Okay so Holly loves treats. And she goes potty on the paper.

So tonight, Scott and I dined at Bonefish. We're on Bonefish's 'special' list. (Just go online, you can be too) and they always send me something on my birthday and anniversary. The $10 gift card we received this week and used tonight had 'Happy Anniversary' on it. The lovely folks at Bonefish gave us some fudge from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a sweet gift. I told Scott on the way home 'Holly is going to love this.' So of course we give her a nibble. Then she demands another, and another. We turn on Greys and try to ignore the cutie pie who's trying to lead us to the fudge as best as we can. Suddenly, Holly comes RUNNING to the sofa, tail wagging, doing her happy dance. I know this. It's her 'I just went #2 number.' This is strange to me, as she'd already done it this morning. So I go over to her puppy pad and see a hot tamale sized...ummm...poo poo...and I'm covinced she forced it out just so she could get more fudge. And yes, she got more fudge.

Smart dog.

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