Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News & Shopping

Every time I turn my TV on I always manage to catch Alyse doing her talent! Girlfriend is all over the place right now!!! She was just on Bill O'Reilly for his pinheads and patriots. I immediately went and voted----YOU SHOULD TOO! She will be on David Letterman on Thursday and Access Hollywood Friday. Shut. the. front. door! She was talked about on Chelsea Lately last night, on MSN and the Huffington Post homepage today. She's obviously all over the news in Arkansas. Loving this!!!
I bought myself some Colorado clothes today. I'm not one that owns many sweaters. I think I have 1. I've got lots of cardigans but those obviously won't keep me warm in 5 degree weather. So I got 3 today. It was difficult shopping as I don't feel super fashion forward in jeans and a sweater. It sure will be comfy though and very Crested Butte appropriate. I would look redic in a dress with pumps. I tried real hard to find a very ski looking sweater. You know, like something Bill Cosby would wear. I thought surly Ralph Lauren had to have some type of snowflake sweater with a moose on it or something but they don't. I'm serious I think that'd be cute for Colorado! Oh well! Plain white, grey, and red will have to do.
Okay Scott's annoyed that he's actually not working and getting to hang and I'm busy blogging. Better hop off!

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