Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kara's Kut & Kurl

I've apparently opened a salon inside of my house. I've named it Kara's Kut & Kurl! Hahahahahaha. Oh that makes me laugh out loud. Anywho, I've had some clients call me who have asked if I would please still do their hair. The first just left. I was a little worried that it had potential to be totally awkward but these people have been coming to me consistently for over 2 years so it was actually okay! This lady wanted me to highlight and cut her hair. I was worried that rinsing the color out would be really hard but everything actually turned out really great. While it doesn't have a very great 'spa' feeling, it's probably better for my clients. Because I charge less and they can pretty much come just whenever they want.
I've told Scott many times before that I really want to put a teeny tiny salon inside the house when we build it. Just something with one chair, one shampoo bowl, and a door that leads to the outside. It would be so perfect. My clients, friends, and family could come get their hair done and it would be really professional and honestly, a lot easier on me. He's not super fond of the idea but maybe he's just not picturing it in his head the way I am in mine. The way my head pictures it, it's very small, but very beautiful and whenever it's time for us to sell the house, someone can use it as a really great closet to store their Christmas tree. Or tools! I think it's a fab idea. I've just got to get him on board.
Anywho, I guess the way I'm doing it now will have to do. O.M.G. I just realized it's FAT TUESDAY!!! Happy Hour is a must tonight. Cheers!

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