Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Day Is It?

I've had such a crazy last few weeks I can't keep track of what day it is! People have asked me how I'm enjoying my down time. What down time?! Basketball is over (praise Jesus!) but I'm still not settled yet. Sunday Mom and I left Hot Springs, drove to Little Rock, she packed a small bag, then we took off to Bentonville. 24 hours later and I'm back in Little Rock. My Mimis 87...88?? Birthday is today. She's suffering from alzheimers quite badly and is just getting worse. Everyone is pretty sure this will be her last birthday so the whole family is making a really big deal out of it and throwing her a party. It's just the family all meeting up at her house in El Dorado. So I'm headed there today then on Wednesday I'll go back home. The reason Mom and I went to Bentonville Sunday was because well, I don't like to go very long without seeing my sweet husband. We spent the first 9 months of our marriage living 5 hours apart. I'm totally over the distance thing! (geez that was the worst time EVER!!!) SOOO, my sweet Mother rode to Bentonville with me so I could see Scott. We didnt even get to spend much time together but it was worth it. AND, Mom got Holly back. Even though Mom is convinced Holly is happier at my house, :)
Scott is in his relay at work so it's actually worked out pretty well for the both of us that I've been so busy. He doesn't have to feel guilty for working and I don't have to feel lonely! Plus, I just love getting to spend quality time with my Mom. I wish so badly I lived in the same town as my family. I know Mom and I would hang every day. Mom took me to Masons yesterday and spoiled me rotten! Who says just because you're a married grown up your Momma can't still take you shopping? Love it/her! Thanks Mom! I will return the favor one of these days.
Ok. Off to ElDo I guess. I NEVER go to El Dorado anymore. I think the last time I was there was over a year ago. It's so bizzar because I freaking grew up in the town yet I forget things about it. Like the short cuts, certain restaurants or people. I never know what's going on. Found out not too long ago they're building a new high school which makes me a little sad honestly. It has been nearly a decade since I lived there and since my parents live in LR now, why would I ever go to ElDo (no offense). There is one thing I miss badly about El Dorado--lunch at the Country Club after church every Sunday. I would give anything to have that back! Yum. Oh and Spudnuts. Those are just ridiculous!! I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't experienced them. Actually now that I think about it maybe there IS a reason to go to El Dorado....

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