Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greener Grass And Straight Hair

How's everybody's Tuesday been? Mine was about normal. It started bright and early around 2 am when Holly decided to get out of her bed and get in mine. This always causes me to get a major lack of good sleep. She hogs my bed!!! It's funny, Holly used to stay in her bed until she heard Scott hop in the shower in the morning. Then she decided maybe she'd get in with us around 6 am....then 5:30...then 5. Slowly but surly she keeps moving up her opportunity to crawl in bed with me and we've now reached 2 am. Soon she's going to convince me to just let her sleep with me all night.
Shall we talk hair? I've received lots of messages on facebook from people saying they've tried my technique and they love it. That makes me so happy! Speaking of curly hair...
Mine's got not an ounce of it. Naturally that is. I air-dried my hair last night and this is what it looked like today. Seriously. No products, no nothing. Sad huh? I would love a little Jen Aniston wave when my hair air-dries. Funny. People spend hours in the salon and hundreds of dollars on a Keratin treatment getting their hair to look just like this. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
Speaking of grass, I fear as if I'm almost turning myself into a vegan. I did have a chicken kabob last night and it was yummy but normally it's only carbs, fruit and vegetables. I have SO MUCH energy and feel just plain great. Here's the dinner I prepared tonight....Mmmm. A yummy spinach fettuccine with a lot of sauteed vegetables and my special salad....as always. Just something I whipped up. Scott is very much a protein with every meal kinda guy but he allowed me to forgo the meat tonight and he enjoyed very much.
40/29 is ruining TV for me right now because they're covering a storm watch that's happening a zillion miles away. They always do this. Every time it snows they interrupt GMA, Regis and Kelly and The View by going on and on and on about the same thing over and over again---how much it's snowing. Duh we know, we have windows. It's so irritating. Even Scott is yelling at the TV and he is way more patient and calm than I am. It's unnecessary and I'm thinking about writing them a letter. Whew. I'm getting all worked up. I better hop off and pour some wine. Cheers!

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