Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Thoughts

Happy Wedding Day!! Eek! Yes ladies and gentleman, yours truly woke up at 3:30 AM to watch history in the making. My alarm went off and I've never popped up and turned on the TV to abc so fast in my life. To my disappointment, I saw the wedding started at 5AM...not 4AM like I thought. There was no way I could fall back asleep though. It was entirely too exciting! Mom came in my room around 4 and we went into the living room and watched it all go down together. It was so fun watching with her. Mom got up for Charles and Dianas wedding too! I'm so glad I watched it live. I wasn't going to but last night Mom and I decided we'd watch together. It was a fun memory for us both.
The excitement for me started when we saw William and Harry. I gave Moms leg a little squeeze. "He looks so handsome!" exclaimed Mom. I loved that the two of them rode in a car together. They looked so excited about the big moment. I loved how William was trying really hard to not grin from ear to ear. You could tell he wanted too!
Kates mother and the queen both looked fabulous! And Pippa was STUNNING. Her dress was ridiculous. SO gorg.
When Kate got out of the car I let out an "ooohhh!!!" She did not disappoint me. Princess Perfection.
I loved how William kept his back turned as she walked down the isle. I loved even more that Harry was grinning SO BIG and supposedly said to William "wait til you see her!" Love That!!
Lip readers confirmed what I said to Mom what I believed William said when he saw Kate, "you look beautiful." I should be a lip reader.
The wedding was lovely. I'm gonna be all feminist here and give Kate a shout out for not allowing 'promise to obey' in her vows to William. My brother surprised me at my wedding while he was speaking and said it was my job to obey Scott and it caught me so off guard and I couldn't help but laugh slightly hard. This is not 1913 anymore. Sorry fellas.
The carriage ride was a true fairy tale. I love that Kate looked at William and said "I'm so happy." Everlasting Love Indeed!
The balcony kiss was the second most anticipated moment for me (after Kates dress reveal). I grinned when they kissed. Aww. THEN!!! They did it again! Literally, I gasped then squealed. Best royal moment ever.
Some people may think I'm crazy for getting up at 3:30 and that Im a little too into it. I love watching history happen though. I'm always glued to my television for any big event like this. Inaugurations, Clinton Library Opening, Princess Di's funeral, Reagan's funeral etc. I feel as if historical moments like these should be watched. It will be talked about for centuries to come and I can officially tell my granddaughters "Yes dears, I got up with your great-grandmother and we watched the Royal Wedding together from start to finish and it was brilliant!" (Imagine that with a British accent)

Alright....Memphis time. Scott and I are halfway there! Can't wait. This will be a great weekend!

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