Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1 Wedding And A Crunchy Feeling

Please excuse my blog break. Allow me to catch you up!

I decided my hair was a touch too long so I called my old salon to see if my favorite hair cutter, Jennifer, could squeeze me in. She could and I chopped off a solid 3 inches. It was much needed.

Scott and I drove to Little Rock Friday night. My parents were still in Napa so it was a little weird being at their house alone. We decided to help ourselves to a bottle of my Dad's yummy wine. We woke up on Saturday and took our sweet little nephew to the pool where Aunt Kara allowed Landon not 1 but 2 Drumsticks. He had never had one before and LOVED it. He never eats like that and I know 2 Drumsticks is a little excessive but you know I don't know how to say no to him. We stayed at the pool for a few hours before we had to head back and get ready for my friend, Mallory's, wedding.
Mallory looked beautiful!! The wedding was at the Peabody and we had so much fun. She had been facebooking me a lot during her wedding planning asking about the vendors I used. She chose the same band that I had--The Rocketts--so I had fun getting to dance to their music!

Mallory was one of my first college friends. She's my pledge sister and lived next door to Jaclyn and Jax in Pomfret so we got to know each other really well! I'm so happy for her and super jealous that she's spending this week in Costa Rica!

So get this. Scott and I valed the car at the Peabody and as we were headed home I noticed that my sunglasses were missing. I wore them on the way to the wedding and threw them in the passenger seat and I'll be darned if the guy didn't straight up take them! I was furious. Of course I called and asked to speak to the valet, manager, and security. I told them that I knew there was nothing they could do about it and nobody would fess up to taking them but they should know that they have dishonest people working for them. After many apologies from them I hung up and fummed the whole way saying to Scott over and over 'I mean, who just takes things from people? Really, who does that?'
So the next day we're driving back to Bentonville and all of a sudden my sunglasses magically appeared. I called the security lady I had been talking to and told her I found them and they don't have shady people working for them after all. Wanna know how crunchy it felt to do that? Real.

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