Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Happy's

You know how you have some things in your home that just really make you happy? I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite things in my house that always bring a little smile to my face when I see them!This old photograph of Holly. She was probably around 5/6/7 and I think it's so beautiful! We used to keep her hair long--all the way to the floor--and her hair was gorgeous!!! I love that it's just blowing in the wind. I loved her thick, long, silky black hair but I think she looks super cute and spunky with the shorter little do she has now!This lime green jar that I hold all of my colorful cooking spatulas in! I'm a sucker for all things colorful. I got all of those utensils at Williams Sonoma and I'm pretty sure I have all of the colors now. I won't be sad if they come out with a new color and I'll definitely have to pick it up even though I probably don't need it. Ha!!
Every time Scott and I go on a vacation we get a magnet. It's the only thing we collect and we're very into it! We search our entire vacation until we find one that we're satisfied with. So far we have: DC, Siesta Key, Hollywood, South Beach, St. Lucia, Crested Butte, Riveria Maya, Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Paris!

My old teddy bear, Patches. I don't sleep with him or keep him on display. However, I could never get rid of him (obviously) and I would never put him in the attic or storage. So he has a special spot on the shelf in my closet and every once in a while I give him a little squeeze so he still feels loved and important. You know you do the same thing after watching Toy Story 3 too....
For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that for mine and Scott's 1 year anniversary we didn't get to take the trip to Riveria Maya during our actual anniversary like we had wanted to because Scott's boss said they would be too busy at work. (he always apologizes to me for that every time he sees me. haha) I was devastated because I was SO looking forward to celebrating that special day in a really big way.
I figured we would just spend that day at home and that would be that. But Scott came home from work and surprised me by saying he had booked a special room at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs and we were going to stay there all weekend. I bought this painting of the Crescent while we were there so I would always remember where we spent our 1 year anniversary. It's not where I was expecting to spend it and I wouldn't change it for the world! We ate great food, strolled along the streets, and spent many hours holed up in our room watching movies. It's was simple, relaxing, and romantic! Perfection.

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