Thursday, June 9, 2011

Massages, Achy Joints, And A Prissy Dog

Today has been a pretty great day. It hasn't consisted of too many exciting things. Bug spray guy came this morning, grilled chicken and salad for lunch, long (and hard) workout. However, I ended it with a fabulous massage and a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce! I kinda want to set up a little program and get a massage every month. How fab would that be? I could seriously use it. Every single time I get a massage the therapist goes on and on about how tight my neck and shoulders are. Every. time. Every single time. One person even told me they had never treated anyone who's neck and shoulders were as bad as mine. One person touched them and went 'oh wow.' I complain about how tight I feel there all the time. Scott gives me a good neck message almost every night. I think it's the way I sleep. I don't know what else it would be. I've always been that way. I tried taking muscle relaxers for a while but it didn't help me. A monthly massage would probably do wonders for me. I'm highly considering it.
How cute is my little pumpkin doodle! I probably kiss her 452 times a day and tell her she's so cute and how much I love her about the same amount. We had a little scare with her a few weeks ago. I came home with a huge load of groceries and she slowly crept to the door to greet me. I looked down and she was holding one paw up limping. Naturally I throw the groceries down, swoop her up, and hop in the car. Once I got to the vet Holly totally made a liar out of me. She was freaking out like her normal doctor going self. Dr. Brown (her Bentonville doctor) thought it must have been the rain making her joints ache.

That made total sense to me because when it rains my ankles hurt--both of them. That would be the result of a ballet injury where I landed wrong after some sort of leap and it hurt so bad I passed out. The other was a year later when I was walking outside in the dark and fell in a hole and twisted it. I've never felt pain so badly in my whole life. That one hurt way worse than the ballet one and I actually went to the emergency room because I was positive I broke it. My doctor told me what I did to both ankles was actually worse than a break. Neat. Anywho they hurt every time it rains and the first few steps into my runs.
So I totally believed the doctors theory that the rain must'v been the problem. Of course I had them do full blood work on Holly while we were there. Just in case. Scott (who rushed from work as I called him in a panic) was like 'umm...are you for real with that.' Duh. I just like to make sure. I don't care that it costs $200. I love the piece of mind of knowing my 14 1/2 year old dog is 100% (which she is by the way). Yay for Holly. We did switch her to a full blown kidney diet because her levels were a little higher than they should be. Luckily Holly LOVES her new food. But not her new kidney treats. I'm finding them all over the house. We have to cheat in that department.I'll end with this. Scott and I are soaking up our new patio. We sit out there all night long. However my prissy little pup doesn't care for it. She wants us to sit on the sofa inside. She stares at the door to go inside the whole time. Then we let her in and she scratches on it from the inside and gives us that 'come in here and sit look.' She's a mess. What inside dog doesn't eat up the opportunity to play outside? Just Holly probably.

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