Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedded Bliss

I'm so ready for Scott to get home which should be just a few short hours. I feel like I haven't seen Scott in a week. I stayed in Little Rock after our trip then with the wedding craziness this past weekend....it feels like we haven't seen one another. I'm ready to give him lots of kisses!!
He should be excited about that. I'd been giving him a little bit of the cold shoulder last week. It all started the last day of our trip. I had asked him to ask his Dad if he would go to our house and water my flowers while we were gone. So he calls his Dad (the last day) and said 'will you go by our house and if our flowers look like they need water, will you water them.' Ummm....that's not what I asked you to ask him to do. I never want my flowers to look like they need water. That means they're dying. It just ate me up. Strike One!
THEN, later that week Jax and Craig's rehearsal dinner rolls around. Scott (and myself) hadn't been feeling good and had been loading up on the meds all week. I'm getting ready for the evening and Scott's just laying down. I say to him he should just stay home if he's feeling bad. He agrees. Ummmm I didn't mean that. Strike Two!!
THEN, he was supposed to carpool to the wedding so we wouldn't have two cars in Fayetteville. I obviously had to drive earlier in the day to get ready and he was supposed to ride with some friends. Was he ready in time? No. Did we end up having two cars there? Yes. Strike Three!!!
I decided to forgive him on the dance floor that night because he's really cute and I kinda love him.
I guess I'm over it now. I've played doctor to my flowers all week and I think they'll be okay. I'm sad Scott missed the rehearsal (and my speech) but everyone understood. And, I didn't get drinky drinky happy happy at the wedding so I was totally fine to drive home....as was he. It all worked out of course. Ahh marriage. Gotta love it.

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