Friday, September 23, 2011

Holly's Friday

{New Sam Edelman Flats. I'm a bit obsessed. Not only because they're ridiculously cute but they're super comfy. Something you don't always find in a flat.}

Greetings and Happy Friday! I'm glad it's the weekend so I can have Scotts sofa company. Holly and I have had an eventful day...

I watch Holly like a hawk. I observe her every move. She's (almost) 15--I have to if I want to make sure my sweet baby is happy and healthy. Last week I noticed she was licking her lady bits--something she never does. After a day and a half of that--off to Dr Brown we went. After a urine sample we discovered that Holly had a UTI. No surprise there--she gets them all the time. Bless her little heart. They have a shot to give now so we did that and off we went.
The last two days I've noticed Holly has been drinking a lot more water and going potty way more. "This is it" I told Scott "she has diabetes." Right when I woke up this morning I made an appointment with Dr Brown--Again. A blood test later proved she's A-OK. Whew!

I probably jump the gun a lot--therefore causing me to spend unnecessary money at the vet--but I just can't help myself. Holly's my baby and I would rather have a piece of mind than an extra couple hundred bucks. Poor Holly hates going. She shakes like it's -48 degrees and hides from the doctor behind my feet!
To top it all off, just a minute ago, Holly and I went to get the mail when she spotted a (very) large dog and took after it to say hi. The typical sniffing of one another was going perfectly fine when the other dog bit Holly on her butt lifting her right in the air. The owner slapped the dog and he immediately let go of Holly. I ran and picked her up and she was literally in shock. That's never happened to her before! The girl was humiliated and apologized over and over. I was traumatized, so was Holly, but she's okay. I honestly think the dog was trying to play and it didn't leave any bite marks on my doodlebug. Holly insisted I carry her inside immediately. little survivor. She's doing perfectly fine now and is ready for me to stop blogging so we can all watch Bridesmaids together...and get that tootsie roll I promised her. I think she deserves it.

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