Monday, September 12, 2011

How Does One Pack For China?

Last night I received a very cool piece of news. In exactly one month and 2 days, I'll be on a plane headed to China!!! Whaaat?! That's right. I'm going to Hong Kong and Shanghai. I'm way excited but it really hasn't settled in yet because it's all happened so fast!
So how and why am I going to China? Well, Kyle has to go for work and my Mom decided to tag along. They've had it planned for a really long time. Mom called and told me last night that her and Dad had been feeling really bad for me with the whole 'getting fired after 5 days' bit so they decided to try to figure out if I could go too. They never told me they were looking into it in case it didn't work out. But surly enough, Kyle discovered that a seat on the plane opened up and Mom called me last night to tell me about it! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited.The Little Rock game was a blast! We got to the tailgate around noon and stayed until the sun went down. We decided to take Holly since we knew we weren't going to go into the game. She had so much fun! She got decked out in her favorite Razorback jersey and enjoyed all of the attention she received. She really wanted to sniff around the entire golf course and I would indulge her as much as possible. Kyle had his car and kept the hood up the entire time which made for a perfect seat for Holly, Scott, and myself.
Needless to say, I had a pretty fabulous weekend! It was great getting to see my family and I thoroughly enjoyed taking Holly tailgating with me. And, I'm going to China. Still nearly speechless about it!

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