Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Television Woes

Today has been ridiculous. My TV has been messing up a lot lately. Usually Scott just unplugs the modem to reboot it and it starts acting normal again. However, today it would not cooperate with the normal routine so I decided to give Mr. Uverse a call. Well, I didn't realize Mr. Uverse would keep me on the phone for 52 minutes. Apparently he could temporally fix the problem but someone would have to come out tomorrow to really fix it. Okay. That works as long as it can be temporally fixed. TWO minutes after we hang up the phone the television goes on the fritz again. UGH! So I call back. When she says how can I help you? I reply 'okay let me start by saying I just got off the phone with a tech guy a few short minutes ago and he kept me on the phone for 52 minutes so I don't want that to happen again--got it?'
30 minutes on the phone with her later--she says she'll send someone out right away. So the guy comes out, stays for about 30 minutes, says it's fixed, then leaves. My TV was working just swell until the perfect moment for it to go out--during the season premiere of Rachel Zoe!
Livid now, I call customer service to inform them all about my day. She says they obviously didn't fix the problem and she will send someone out tomorrow to fix it. She had to put me on hold so she could figure out when the guy could come out. Exactly 40 minutes of being on hold later, I hung up.
Guess who will be getting a nice upgrade tomorrow? Me. Because I intend to complain big time and I will be off the phone in less than 10 minutes with a nice smile on my face.
After my incredibly frustrating day--with that 3rd call setting me off the edge--I decided to run a nice, hot bubble bath and take a load off. It wasn't until I was nicely settled in, soaking my frustrating day away, when I realized I gave Holly a bath in my tub last night--and I forgot to clean it before I got in. Mmmm Hmmm. I never bathe Holly in my tub. I always do it in the kitchen sink but for some reason last night my tub just seemed easiest. She doesn't shed so I didn't notice any Holly hairs to remind me she was in there last night. She really is always squeaky clean since she doesn't go outside but still. Ew. Not a pleasant realization.
Now I'm off to bed--except not really probably. Because as you've already read I have insomnia and a night laying in bed wide awake would only seem like the appropriate way to end this day.

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