Monday, October 31, 2011

All About Hair

So I finally get to show off my haircut decision. I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seats all weekend waiting for the reveal.....
As it turns out, I did decide to chop off a few inches of locks. Not a ton--3 inches--maybe 4 with the layers. However it feels SO SHORT to me. My hair hasn't been this 'short' in forever. I get that it's still considered to be long hair but it feels short to me. Pieces fall out of my pony tail....I can't remember the last time that happened. I like it though. It feels so fresh. Very healthy. It's a good change even though it's not a huge change. I like.
(Shirt--J.Crew. Jeans--Rich & Skinny. Oxfrords--Staccato (China)

Since we're talking about hair, I thought I'd share my favorite hair products. I get asked what my favorites are A LOT. When I say I've tried all the hair products out there, I'm not exaggerating. So here we go on my opinion of the best products out there.
Let's start with the products I could never live without. Big Sexy Root Pump and Bumble and Bumble Grooming Cream. The BS Root Pump is my all-time favorite product and has been since my first week of beauty school. It elevates your roots like non-other. Some people don't like the way it feels the first few times you use it--it definitely has that 'I can tell there's product in my hair' feeling but if you use it a few times you get over it. And it's worth it.

The B&B Grooming Cream is what I use when I curl my hair. Again--I put it in wet hair. It really helps in molding hair the way you want it to look. It's also my favorite product for men who like to have 'messy' hair. I put it in their hair dry because it doesn't give them that 'wet' look but the perfectly 'Brad Pitt I Didn't Try Hard' look.

Shampoo: I honestly love a lot of Shampoo's. I switch it up a lot. But if I could recommend a brand that's very consistent with great shampoo/conditioner that I'm never disappointed in it would be Redken and Bumble. I could say a lot of wonderful things about both but I'll just say both brands are winners.
Hairspray: While I mix it up a lot with my shampoo I tend to stick with my favorites on hairspray. Big Sexy Spray & Play, Bed Head Masterpiece, and Sebastian Shaper are my go-to's. Shaper is the firmest, followed by Big Sexy and Masterpiece plain smells delicious.
Just Because: Tonic from Bumble is wonderful. It's the greatest smelling product ever. It's like a lotion for your hair--spray it in wet hair daily. Equally great for guys and girls. It's also a good product for spiffing up your do and giving it a little revival in the middle of the day especially if you wear your hair naturally curly.
Poof Help: If you have that difficult hair that can't seem to hold a poof--put this in your hair. Aveda Pure Abundance. It's a powder. Sprinkle it in your dry roots and it helps give it that little oomph that your stubborn hair needs to get a good lift. Not gonna lie, you will very much be able to tell you have some type of product in your hair.
Healthy Help: Finally, this is for all of those girls out there that need a little help in the unhealthy department--Particularly those blondes who get a lot of color frequently. It's A Ten is what hairstylists call a miracle product. If you have damaged hair, you will be able to tell a difference in your locks by the time you finish this bottle. It's like a leave-in-conditioner (by the way, I recommend EVERYONE use a leave-in-conditioner) and it helps repair your hair in a really great way. Spritz in every day before you dry your hair. If you have really damaged hair, or if you get your hair colored a lot, I highly recommend a deep conditioning treatment at your favorite salon at least two times a month. I'm really big on keeping hair healthy.

If nothing else, please use conditioner. I can't tell you how many of my (former) clients don't use a conditioner which is so crazy to me. Your hair will get VERY DAMAGED if you don't. They always say "If I use conditioner my hair gets too soft and I can't fix it." I get it--but that's what products are for!!!

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