Friday, October 21, 2011

Back To The States

It looks as if I'm doing two Friday posts but it's Saturday here so that's just not the case! I'm sitting in the airport waiting to go home. I'll arrive in Little Rock in exactly 24 hours. Then there's the dreaded drive to NWA which I'm hoping I'll be capable of doing when I touch down. If not, I'll stay at my parents house but I'm VERY anxious to give my two favorite people lots of hugs and kisses so I'm praying for sleep on the plane and plenty of energy! I'm going to take an Ambien on the flight this go-round. I didn't on the way here and couldn't sleep well at all and was SO TIRED by the time I got to Shanghai. I just hope it can really knock me out and not make me just groggy. That would be miz!!!

My China trip was good. About what I expected. The food was a bit of a disappointment, like I said yesterday, but it wasn't horrible. Mom and I finally had a good meal last night. We went to Mortons and it was heaven!! Plus, the view was incredible. Top that off with a bottle of Schramsberg and we ended our trip to China in a pretty fab way!

I'm coming home with an extra suitcase full of artwork, clothes (from H&M and Zara), and lots of fun goodies that you could only find in China! I can't wait to show Scott all of the fun stuff I got! As you can tell, I find myself at a loss while on a vacation without my husband....

I think my favorite part of Shanghai was the secret little market Grandpa told me about. My favorite part of Hong Kong was the view at the Stanley Market. I won't miss the crazy cab drivers who are confused and think they're in the Indy 500...or whatever that car race is called. Nor will I miss the smell. No offense Hong Kong but you are very smelly!!

Finally, I'll say I've never in my life encountered nicer people than the folks here in China. It blew my mind how helpful and kind they were. All of them! So, So, SO nice. Oh and all of the ladies have Crazy Good style. They're just all around fabulous!

Time for home!

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