Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costumes & Haircuts

Happy Hump Day! I spent my day searching for a Halloween costume and I managed to find (almost) exactly what I was looking for! Scotts friends are having a party Saturday night and I always love a good Halloween costume party. Scott typically hates getting dressed up because he always feels stupid but I think he's okay with our costume choice this year. I originally wanted to go as Mary Poppins and Bert because I saw a super cute couple dressed as that on Pintrest but Scott ax'd that idea. Bummer. It would have been so adorable! You can steal that idea if you want.
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I'm having such a hard time deciding what I want to do. I never really make it a big deal because I typically just get a good trim. I can't decide this time if I want to do the same and keep letting my hair get longer OR copy Lea Michele's do circa SAG Awards 2011. Tough choice....
I'm addicted to Ambiens I think. My doctor got me some for China and I took one every night to help with the time change and I slept SO good!! Then, I took two on the flight back from China and slept 12 straight hours! Amazing. The 15 hour flight suddenly became 3 hours and I was beyond delighted when I woke up as the pilot announced we were descending. Greatest flight moment ever.
Since I've been home I've taken 2. I have a lot (sorta) left and I know once they're gone that'll be that. Mom told me to be careful and not get dependent on them. It's just so nice to be able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of taking it and actually STAYING asleep. It's a whole new way of sleep for me and I really, really like it. Ahh to just be normal and sleep well like most people do. That would be so nice.
M'kay this is starting to kick in. I'll let you know what my hair decision was tomorrow. :)

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