Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hong Kong Day 2

Yesterday was a really fun day. Mom and I went to this place called Stanley Market. It has a lot of clothes, bags, electronics, etc. Mom and I weren't really interested in anything there but the artwork did catch our eyes. There were about 4 different artwork stores and we spent the majority of our time in those. We both purchased a lot of really amazing artwork. The paintings are so textured and very unique--like nothing you could find in the states. They're done by a famous artist here in China so not one piece is the same. I'm really excited to show Scott!

Speaking of Scott, I really miss him! We're really only able to communicate via text. I've hear his voice once since I've been gone. I'm ready to see my sweet husband again!!

The Stanley Market is right on the ocean and there are a few outdoor restaurants to eat at. After we were shopping we decided to sit in those chairs and enjoy a glass of wine while looking at the incredible view in front of us....

I always have a moment where I go on a vacation and see a beautiful landmark and think to myself "I'm so lucky to get to see this" and yesterday was that moment.

After spending about 4 hours at Stanley Market we set off for The Ladies Market.

I'd seen The Ladies Market on an episode of Gulianna and Bill once! It only comes out at night from 7-11 I think, and the best way I can describe it is sort of like the fair. Everyone has tents set up--all of them selling different things. Again, the artwork caught mine and Moms eye and we bought even more beautiful paintings!

That was just about the extent of our day yesterday. I don't know what we'll do today. I think I'm FINALLY adjusted to the time change so I have a lot more energy now to get out and about and explore!

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