Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm pleased to report I'm feeling much better today! I'm still really weak so I basically laid around all day today. It must have been some 24 hour bug. I'm glad it's over though! I haven't been that sick in probably 6 years. No fun. I'm really starting to look like a hypochondriac these days huh??!!

I'm loving the style of wrapping paper I went with this year! I always do a Santa theme to go with my tree. I always like to tie some sort of ornament onto the present. I do a different ornament for everyone that way I don't have to use name tags. I loved that I found a big L for Landon this year. I showed it to him on FaceTime the other night and he got a huge smile on his face. I figured he'd like that! Landon gets five, yes five, presents from Kara and Uncle Scott this year. He's our only nephew--I figure it's okay to spoil him!

I didn't think it could be possible but this little one is actually tired of laying around for 2 days! She keeps trying to convince me to get OUT of bed. It's always the opposite! She did tickle me last night though. I wanted to get really good sleep. We're 50/50 with Holly on sleeping arrangements. Half the time she sleeps in her bed all night then asks to get in bed with us around 4-6 and half the time she wants to sleep with us all night. I never get great sleep when she sleeps with me all night and I really wanted to get good sleep last night. So I told Holly she couldn't sleep with me even though she wanted to. At about 2 she scratched on my bed like "now?" and I said No Holly. She turned away and came back at 4..."now?" No Holly. Came back at 5:30---"now?" I finally gave in to the persistent cutie and said yes. The little face is pretty hard to resist and it made me laugh at how frequently but nicely spaced out she seemed to come back to ask. She's a mess!

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