Monday, March 12, 2012

Flower Fever Hits

It's that time of the year again where I have flower fever!! I'm so excited that it's time to work in my garden again. Of course I'll have a new garden to tend to this year which will be fun. I went on ahead and bought a few flowers today to put in some of my flower pots. I thought it'd be nice to go on ahead and have them prepared for the new house. I know I'll be so busy with decorating the inside and getting everything organized that I probably won't have much time to do anything with the outside. I just love working with flowers. It makes me so happy! I'm getting better at obtaining that green thumb too. This weekend was pretty laid back. I've been fighting some sort of sickness so it kept me in a lot. It started with a sore throat, then turned into a runny nose, and now I have a gross smokers cough. I ended up having to take a ZPack because the DayQuil just wasn't cutting it. Hopefully I'll feel 100% tomorrow. I already feel much better today then I did yesterday.
Saturday night Scott and I did go to Jaclyn and Brad's house for dinner. It was nice getting to hang with our favorite couple. I feel like the four of us haven't gotten together in such a long time!! I always enjoy going to their house for dinner because those two are like, super yummy chef's. Brad's never afraid to tackle a difficult dish. He cooked a whole chicken!!! Anytime I need a whole chicken I just buy the rotisserie-already cooked-one from Walmart. Haha!

Little Miss Priss is doing good! I believe we're starting to see a little bit of dementia/Alzheimer's. Holly's doctor called me today and we talked about it and she said Holly probably is going to get that. I mean, hello, she's 15. I started noticing it last week. Little things like standing at the hinges of the door when she wants to go outside, staring off into space, and running excitedly to the front door instead of the garage door when I ask her if she wants to go bye bye. I had scheduled a little exam for tomorrow (of course) but Dr. Brown didn't think it was necessary--which is why she called me. She calls about twice a month to check up on Hol and I just adore that. I'm sure she's never seen a patient as often as she sees us!! She knows I watch Holly like a hawk and if I notice even the tinest bit of change with her that I'll panic and make an appointment and that 90% of the time it's always okay. I can't help it! I obsess.

While out and about today I noticed one of those billboards that changes ads every few seconds. One add was for IO Metro and said 'Today Only for Walmart or Walmart Vendor workers--20% off your entire purchase.' Oh how neat. That would have been lovely to know on Friday when I basically bought the entire store.

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