Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kansas City Fun

Our trip to Kansas City was a great success! Holly was such a good girl and was very easy...much easier than I anticipated actually. I was worried she would be really stressed but she seemed to enjoy her little getaway. We let her walk around the Plaza then when we went in stores we put her in her stroller. When we were in Urban Outfitters today she told me she was tired of being in the stroller. But that was a problem a Mini Busy Bone could fix!! There's nothing a Mini Busy Bone can't fix. She chewed on that inside the stroller for a whole hour allowing for easy breezy shopping. Everyone just assumed I was toting around a little baby. Ha!!We stayed at the Intercontinental and treated the 3 of us to a yummy breakfast this morning! We woke up pretty early since we were in our room and ready for bed by 7:30. We rented The Descendents (so good btw) and fell asleep early. Holly was tired and we were too! I love visiting Kansas City because you can stay for an entire weekend and never get in your car. Everything you need is at The Plaza and we always stay at hotels that are in The Plaza so it makes it so nice and easy! The Intercontinental was so nice to us and was super dog friendly. Love that!
After we popped in a few more shops we packed up and headed home. This one was a mess in the car! She couldn't seem to come off her shopping high and managed to make herself look like this the entire car ride!!! I have no idea where all of that static came from but it really made me laugh!! Sorry if the dog walking pictures seem like an overkill! Scott snapped both of them when I wasn't looking and I think they turned out so cute!!! I've never had a picture of me walking Holly so I really treasure them and I'm so glad Scott thought to snap a pic of it!

Once we got home Holly immediately got in her bed and passed out! She really liked her vacation, especially walking around The Plaza and the big comfy bed. She was definitely ready to get back home though. This will definitely be a weekend I'll always remember. I'm glad we went to Kansas City and I'm so glad we got to bring the little doodlebug with us! She's such a good girl. I'm so proud of her :)

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