Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Decorating

My weekend was spent dining with friends and getting my house more complete. I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek at my living room!!I finally found a white round table to go in between my two chairs and we managed to get our massive new painting hung! I'm quite pleased with the way everything is coming together. We still need a rug but I don't plan on getting one anytime soon because of the girls. They're definitely potty trained but only have been 100% for about a month now so I still don't feel like I can trust them. It will probably be Spring before I make that purchase. Something also needs to go on that bare wall (which I believe I've already found) but other than that we're almost golden. The progress I made this week helped make my living room look so much better and it makes me feel good. An incomplete, empty home stresses me out.
Since I didn't have to work today I stayed at the house all day long with Madison and Ivy. They don't really care for having a working Momma and it makes me sad. Since I'm going to be working long hours for the rest of the week I decided to be lazy and just hang with them on the sofa today. They loved it and I did too! Sometimes it's good to have a day where you literally never leave the house.
This week I'm judging the Miss Washington County Fair Queen pageant. We had interviews last night so I put on my serious interview attire and went for the tough, intimidating questions! Ha. Yeah right. I can never contain how I feel about the cuteness over the girls and I smile at them the entire time. Tomorrow night is the pageant and I'm looking forward to it! The group of girls that are competing are quite impressive!!!!

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