Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where is Rutgers?

Today was just like any other college football Saturday. Wake up, immediately turn on GameDay, stay glued to it until leaving to tailgate.

Our day was fun but a bit delayed. I've never had a more challenging time trying to decide what to wear than I did today. Nothing made me happy plus my hair was flat because I washed it last night and let it air dry. These are obviously major problems. My husband was not happy with my delayedness. We normally arrive at our tailgate around 1:00 but we got there at 3:30. My bad!
I really thought we were going to win this game. This season is so unfortunate. Scott decided that the only thing that would pull him out of his depression was this.

The last time I ate at Mr Burger was with Jaclyn the day after Owl-O-Ween in 2005. I remember it so vividly because it randomly started snowing. Mr Burger is SO YUM. We shared this meal since we ate too much tailgate food and a BBQ nacho at the game. I kind of regret eating it but I kind of don't.

Ivy and Madison haven't been around long so I told them all about the Razorbacks and what it used to be like and this is the face they gave me. Life lesson number one: Being a Razorback tends to be heartbreaking. WPS forever and ever though!!!

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