Monday, October 29, 2012

Fringe Benefits

This weekend was a good weekend. There wasn't much to it but that's sometimes nice. We decided not to go to the Little Rock game since it started so early. Instead we watched it at home. That game seemed like the longest game ever and this season has felt like the longest season ever. And I don't think it's because of our losing ways. It just feels like it's been a really long football season. I can't believe we still have 2 games left!!
One very exciting thing did happen this weekend. I found some new booties!! Now I'm not an impulse shoe buyer who has hundreds of pairs of shoes that you only wear a few times. I like to have good basics that I know I'll wear a lot. For the longest time I had tons of shoes that were every color of the rainbow--that's no longer my thing these days.
I love wearing a heel. It just makes my outfit seem to be more pulled together. However, you can't run around all day in 5 inch heels. So I knew I wanted a bootie with a short heel, possibly some fringe and definitely camel colored. I searched all over NWA for two days looking for this perfect shoe and low and behold I found it at my very last stop. Target!!! I feel like I hit the jackpot. They were just what I was looking for and only $34. Can't beat that! We're best friends already.
My father-in-law is moving (again) so yesterday I helped him shop for his new condo and today I helped him move in/get everything organized. That man has moved 5 times in the 6 years I've known Scott. It's so crazy to me!! He literally moves about once a year and has for over a decade now.
My Mom is on her way up here (again) and I'm helping her work the volleyball tournament in Alma this week. Obviously she's bringing Grace so the girls are soon to be overwhelmed with excitement. I love when they all get together.
By the way, ever since I've been home with the girls they have been perfect with the potty training. I'm able to catch them going where they're supposed to and reward them with a treat. They've for sure got it figured out and there have been zero accidents in the bonus room. Yay! Let's keep this winning streak up!!