Monday, November 5, 2012


I'll be totally honest. I haven't visited my gym in forever!!! Maybe June. I've still been running around my neighborhood and I love running. However, on Saturday Scott talked me into revisiting the gym with him. I was hesitant and told him I was just going to run around the neighborhood but after he pressured and guilted me into it I went with him. Then once I got there I wondered why I ever left. We got on the spin bikes and did it together and I forgot how much I'm obsessed with spinning. I have a lot of my own spinning playlists on my phone that I've shared with Scott so we played the same list, I took the lead and it was so fun. I'd be the most awesome spin coach ever. Really though. Scott had to quit after 30 minutes. (Sorry for calling you out babe!)
Spinning is my favorite workout and now that I have a bigger house, I really want a bike of my own. Christmas present maybe?
After what little I ate and how hard I worked out, I should lose 3 pounds today but I probably gained 1. My body loves to do that to me. I always try to lose in November to make up for what I do during Thanksgiving + the leftovers for the rest of the weekend. It's embarrassing how much food I consume. It's my most favorite meal ever though. I cannot help myself.
It's 10:00 but thanks to daylight savings it feels like 11:00. I'm wiped. Night!!

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