Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tiny Makeover

Yesterdays post was a little too serious so I'll do what I can to make this one a little lighter. Ha!
In case you didn't notice I gave the blog a little makeover. If you want me to do the same to yours feel free to contact me! Obviously, I have plenty of time to do that again now.
I'm going to have a busy (and fun) weekend. My friend, Christina, is getting married on Saturday and tonight kicks off festivities for her big day! I've Tan Toweled all week and I'm tired of being smelly. I also painted my nails today while my two dogs watched in amazement and cried. I honestly think they wanted their nails painted too. I know it's shocking to hear me say this given how much I love to dress my pups up but I think nail polish on dogs is extra stupid.
Scott and I are in the process of getting a trip booked for our anniversary! We're going to Jamaica and I'm way excited. Seven days and six nights of ocean, sun and miami vices. Definitely looking forward to it.
This is kind of random but Scott went to work at Sara Lee yesterday. They called last week and asked him if he could come in and do some consulting for them. He's going to be popping in there quite a bit for the next couple of months. It's weird to go back to talking modulars, bulk deli and category management. Crown molding, wood floors and granite talk is definitely more up my alley.
I met my Mom in Ozark yesterday so she could get Grace back. Grace is such a sweet, good girl. She's very calm, like Holly. I miss those days. My house is utter chaos now. I swear Ivy and Madison got more hyper after they got fixed. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Madison barks more than any dog in the history of the world ever does or did. She is learning that when I yell ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! at her to shut the crap up though. Geez. Sometimes I wonder what in the world I've gotten myself into. Luckily they both fall asleep around 8 every night so Mom and Dad get to have our quiet time. They're both currently napping right now. It's nice.
Okay I've got errands to run and a gym to hit.