Friday, November 30, 2012

Viva Lost Wages--Day 3

Scott and I had the day to ourselves yesterday because Jodie went on an all day excursion. We woke up super late because first we woke up really early. Both of our phones started ringing at 6:00 am. My cleaning ladies came to my house yesterday and I forgot to turn off the alarm for them! So they set it off, the alarm company called us, the police were dispatched. It was a disaster and I felt horrible!!!!
After that debacle, Scott and I took a little nap then woke up and decided to lunch at the Wynn.
We ate outside on a terrace and it was just plain lovely. After lunch we browsed around the shops where I found a bag that I'm not sure I can leave Vegas without and hopefully I won't as long as my husband gives me permission.
We retreated to our rooms early to get ready for The Jersey Boys. The show was at 7 which kind of cut into dinner so we just ate popcorn in the theater. I love The Jersey Boys. This was my second time to see it and I think I liked it even better than the first time. It's such a great show and I love watching the folks in the audience who were born in the 40's. They really love the show.
After The Jersey Boys we went to New York New York. I haven't been to that hotel since I visited Vegas my very first time, at age 12. Haha! Love Vegas.
Jodie has this list of 50 things she has to do in Vegas that her friends made her and riding the roller coaster in NY/NY is one of them. I'm not a roller coaster kind of girl but I took one for the team. It wasn't horrible at all. I just kept my eyes shut the whole time and it was over before I knew it. After that I was starving and thought I deserved a prize for being so brave so we went to Nathan's Hot Dog and I got a slice of pizza. I don't know if it was the relief from surviving the roller coaster or the fact that I had 2 large cups glasses of wine while watching the show but that was like, the best piece of pizza ever.
Jodie was also supposed to line dance at a night club so we went to Gilly's in our hotel to check that off. I had such a great time at Gilly's. It's a country night club and everyone from Oklahoma and Arkansas was there. They had a cover band who was awesome and you looked out of place if you weren't sporting a cowboy hat!! Ha! It was a good time. After that we were exhausted so we called it a night.

I'm looking forward to today. My Mother-In-Law is officially 50 years old today so we've got a lot of cool things in store. Until tomorrow....

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