Monday, January 14, 2013

A Weekend of Television

Last night I was glued to the couch watching anything and everything Golden Globes. It's my favorite awards show! I thought Tina and Amy were hilarious. I wish we had seen more of them though. I was bummed Modern Family lost to Girls. I love that Ben Afflack won. I think him and Jennifer are the greatest celebrity couple because they seem so normal. I like Anne Hathaway's hair longer but last night she (and her hair) looked amazing. I thought every person in that room would pass out from excitement when Bill Clinton walked out on that stage. Jodie Fosters speech was the most confusing thing I've ever listened to and Anne's was so good. I thought there were so many gorgeous gowns on the red carpet and it was hard for me to narrow to three but for me, these were my top.
On Saturday night I was also glued to the sofa watching the Miss America pageant. I really wanted South Carolina to win and I totally thought she was going to. Overall the talent was not good at all. Cringe worthy sometimes. I will say though that it always sounds and looks better in person than it does on TV so I bet it wasn't as bad as all of us at home thought it was. Miss New York gave the typical pageant answer that I'm so sick of hearing. Can we come up with something different than "we need to be more educated?" That is such a weak answer and anyone who says that should get a 1 as their score. How bad do you think Miss Iowa wanted a do-over when she realized she said pot should be used for medical and recreational purposes? Whoopsie! I thought all of the girls picked beautiful gowns. I got cracked up at Scott when I raved about one of the girls swimsuits and he said "they're by Catalina I'm sure you could buy it online." Hahaha. Clearly he was paying attention. Miss Arkansas won Miss Congeniality. I think that's amazing.
These girls weren't interested in the pageant or the globes. Both shows put them to sleep. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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  1. But, maybe if Miss Iowa was "more educated" she wouldn't have said something so dumb... ;)