Thursday, January 24, 2013

Four Years + Jamaica Day 3

Today I'm celebrating four years of marriage to my sweet husband! Four years seems like such a long time. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not but it seems like a big number to me!! Its been a great ride so far and I'm anxious to see what the many, many years to come will hold for us!
Let's play catchup on yesterdays activities shall we?
I was a bum and didn't go to the gym. Instead I ate a bagel in bed while I watched Kelly and Michael. Once Scott was finished working out, we headed down to the beach to begin our typical vacation routine---Lay by the pool and do nothing. After a few hours of lounging we decided to be adventerous and do some water sports, starting with kayaking.
Scott treated it like we were competing in the Olympics. Right!! Left!! LEFT!! LEFT BABE! LEFT!!!!!!!!!!! So I did not enjoy it. A wave came crashing and it made us tip over. It was "my fault" and apparently that doesn't happen very often because the staff kept coming up to us saying "we saw you tip over mon!" So over kayaking.
After that I needed a double Miami Vice so we went back to our designated pool spot to chill. Then Scott wanted to go sailing so we did. Luckily neither of us were in charge of steering that piece of equipment so it ended up being quite pleasant.
After that we came back to our pool chairs and stayed until the sun went down. We aren't very interesting on our vacations. It's the same story every day.
Last night we ate at the Italian restaurant and it was definitely our best meal so far. We've been a tad disappointed in the food this time. It hasn't been as good as the other resorts we've been to. After dinner we watched a show put on by the staff here then grabbed an ice cream cone on our way into our room. They have this self-serve machine here and it tastes just like TCBY and Scott and I may, or may not, eat at least one cone a day.

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