Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hat Ladies

I'm blogging from a new laptop!!! I'm so excited. We've needed a new laptop for about 3 years now. Our previous laptop was anything but. Unless it was plugged into the wall you couldn't use it. So yay for new computers!!
I had lunch with my MIL today at Fish City Grill at The Promenade. I really like eating there. I usually get a bowl of their gumbo but I tried the tilapia tacos this time. They're supposed to be fried but I had them blacken the fish instead and it was de-lish. They give you FOUR of them though so it's definitely a meal meant for sharing. While we were eating lunch Jodie told me she made an appointment to cut her hair all the way. I cut it last Wednesday into a little bob when it first started coming out. Yesterday she made the decision to just get the process over with. She didn't ask me to do it. She knows I couldn't handle it. Doing that would be really hard.
After lunch I snapped a pic of us together in our hats. I knew she'd be wearing one so I thought I'd sport one too!
While we were at lunch we decided to have dinner together tonight so I could see Jodie wearing her wig for the first time. She rocked it and looks awesome! I'm so amazed at her bravery. I cannot even begin to imagine how she must feel today with the changes she endured. Nobody would ever guess she's wearing a wig. It looks so great!!!
Today was one of those days in this process that was really hard. It has definitely sunk in that cancer is invading our lives right now but moments like today are really tough and take you back to the "I can't believe this is happening" thoughts. I told Jodie today that 10 years from now this time will seem like a little blip and she agreed. This too shall pass.....

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