Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey all! Hope your weekend was good. Ours was pretty chill. I watched the Grammy's last night for like, a minute. I just don't care about it as much as the other awards shows even though I'm obsessed with music. How pretty did Rihanna look? I love her long hair and wish she'd always wear it like that. I guess I'm just so confused why she's with Chris Brown though. He's such a thug. Ew.
Let's talk about how Justin Timberlake is the definition of cool. How can one person be so awesome? I'm obsessed with watching him perform and I'm so glad he's back. If his new album is anything like Future Sex/Love Sounds.....I mean.....I can't even fathom.
These two escaped from the backyard yesterday---again. I knew I was going to give them a bath so I wanted to let them romp around and play for a little bit before they got clean. I went outside with them and they immediately darted towards the open gate that got blown open from the wind. You should have seen me chasing after these two greyhounds 6 pound nuggets. I don't even think Usain Bolt could keep up. I hope none of my neighbors saw because I bet I looked ridiculous. What am I going to do with these two crazies?
Madison is so obsessed with toys. She got a new love bug for Valentines day and really likes it because she can squeak it really easily. She's also really into that green thing right now. She thinks it's extra fun to play with these days.
Ivy, on the other hand, is obsessed with bones. She always has one. She brings her bone with her to bed at night and sleeps beside it and the first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning (after a stretch and good morning kiss) is start chewing that bone. It takes her so long to chew it. I think I gave her this particular bone a week ago. I guess she likes to enjoy it for as long as possible!

I went to Best Buy yesterday to buy a Tracy Anderson workout DVD. As I was checking out they had this super cool mini chocolate fountain sitting there so I snatched it up too. I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of my two purchases. I'm going to try out the DVD this afternoon. I hope I like it. All of the celebrities rave about Tracy Anderson and sometimes it's nice to work out at home instead of driving to the gym.
Until tomorrow....

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