Monday, February 18, 2013

Per Usual

Hey all! How was your weekend? Mine was typical but fun!! Scott and I had leftover Valentines pizza on Friday night and enjoyed our favorite Friday night shows--Shark Tank and 20/20. I look forward to Friday nights because of those 2 shows. That may make me sound like a loser but I don't care.
On Saturday we had lunch at the Flying Fish. I'm SO glad they opened one here. Scott always shares the 1 pound boiled shrimp platter with me but he wasn't in the mood for that so I tackled it on my own. I ate almost all of the shrimp!! Should I be embarrassed to admit that? I don't think so since shrimp are like, 7 calories each and the rest of the dish contains 2 red potatoes and 1 mini corn on the cob (that I maybe eat 1 bite of) so.....yeah, I don't feel guilty having it all to myself. That evening we made Taco Soup (a staple recipe in this house) and watched movies. We're really exciting.
I may have set a world record when getting ready for church yesterday. I kept delaying getting out of bed. Church starts at 11:00 and it takes us 10 minutes to get there from our house. I hopped in the shower at 10:25, shaved (duh--always no matter what) got dressed and was ready by 10:45. Scott says that one of the things he likes about me is how fast I can get dressed when I need to. I'm not going to lie, I like that about me too.
The girls got groomed today. They look adorable of course!! As I'm writing this here is what Ivy is doing.......
Bone in mouth.....Not letting Momma out of her sight.....So typical.
And this is Madison........
What is she doing? She's just hanging out in the living herself........on her back.
She is so crazy.

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  1. Hahahaha!!!! This really just made me LOL. Love that last pic.