Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The weather was so nice yesterday so Scott and I fired up the grill for the first time since I can't remember and shared a ribeye. It was so great and made me really anxious for spring. We are going to add a little landscaping to our backyard soon and I'm so excited about it! Right now it's a big yard with grass and a fence only. It needs a little sprucing up. Since it was so nice out I let the girls romp around and play for a really long time. They had so much fun. I know how much they enjoy playing outside but it stresses me out and I stand in the grass watching them the entire time. I know I'm ridiculously paranoid but I just don't feel comfortable letting them go outside without being out there with them. I get fairly bored just standing there watching them roll around in the grass so I decided to get a frisbee for them today so it would give me something to do. I really thought Madison would be the one who enjoyed it the most since she loves toys so much but to my surprise Ivy was the one who couldn't get enough of it!! She LOVED it. I mentioned last week that I wished the girls had coats to wear for outside (You can judge me, I know how ridiculous I am) and I saw some cute ones today at Walmart on sale so I got them! It was pretty chilly today so I put them on the girls. I don't know if it made a difference or not but they sure did look cute!
I should be embarrassed of myself but.....I'm not.

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