Monday, April 15, 2013

Punching It Up

I was shocked when I woke up this morning and the clock said 8:45! My days almost always begin at 7 am. I had the worst case of insomnia last night though. Thank goodness for Friends on Nick at Night and my snuggle bugs to keep me company.

Once I woke up, fixed my cappuccino and watched my favorite morning show, Kelly and Michael, I threw on some clothes and hit the gym. Scott and I are on a big health kick right now and I'm hoping we can keep it up all summer for swimsuit season. I mean, I'd rather us keep it up year round and maybe we will (probably not) but for now the goal is through swimsuit season. We're both really motivated and doing it together makes all the difference! Scott and I are always really good about eating clean and working out but those two or three bad meals a week can really deplete everything good you do the rest of the time....Or for us anyway. For the first time in I don't know how long I've started lifting weights. I've always only done cardio and some ab workouts and called it a day but I'm getting older and soft y'all!!!! It's time to punch it up a notch. I honestly thought it would take me so much motivation to hit the weights after spinning but I am loving it and wondering why I haven't been doing it all along. I don't do dumbbells because I have never liked them. I don't like the way they smell or the way they feel in my hands. Gross. Luckily my gym has a lot of free motion machines that I can use. It's been so easy and already making such a difference after just 2 weeks!!
Today while I was on the big ball doing some crunches and listening to Coldplay (obsessed with Coldplay more than ever right now for some reason) a trainer came up to me and randomly decided to put me through an ab workout bootcamp. If I don't wakeup tomorrow with a 12 pack then something is wrong.
These two are getting their hair cut off tomorrow. I'm a little sad but it will be so much easier on me and I'm sure Madison and Ivy will appreciate not having to get brushed every day. Every gal needs a fun, shorter summer do right?

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