Thursday, May 9, 2013


Linking up again. Ready for it?


1.) Unlike my brother (that I love very much).....I like all the foods. I'm a foodie but Kyle is SO picky and eats horrible (I swear he keeps Chick Fil A in business) yet manages to not weigh 500 pounds. Most people who eat like he does would. Why, WHY didn't I get that skinny gene?

2.) My best friend says.....that he just learned last weekend that hashtags were actually for a purpose. While talking to my friend, Jake, (you may have heard of him?) on Saturday he told me he never knew hashtags were meant to link a certain category. He thought people used the number sign and put words after it and that was all you did. #HelloGrandpa #IThoughtYouWereAComputerTeacher

3.) People call me.....and ask for travel info all the time. I love it. I've had the pleasure of getting to travel and I love helping people pick a travel destination! I live on Travel and Leisure. If you ever need help planning a trip, I'm your girl.

4.) I most often dream.....that Scott and I have the kind of life where we live all over the world. I'm fascinated by people who are adventurous and get to live in amazing places.

5.) The best part of my in the evening when Scott and I are cooking together and drinking wine.

6.) I really don't understand.....why people think they can run their hands under water for 3 seconds and call that washing their hands. I catch females doing this in public restrooms all the time and it disturbs me to a level that I can't even describe. Like, ew!

7.) I get really people who take their sweet precious time while driving. Even if I'm not running late to something, I'm still in a hurry to get there.

8.) There's nothing like a.....great dining experience. #foodie

9.) Lately, I can't get enough.....of Coldplay. I've always loved Coldplay but I've gotten obsessed recently and have downloaded nearly every song. I mean, not really. Don't you hate when people do that. Really? EVERY song? You know what I mean though. I enjoy working out to Coldplay....and cooking to Coldplay....and don't even get me started with my girl crush on Gwyneth Paltrow.

10.) One thing I am NOT is.....a litter bug. That's one thing people do that I truly can't wrap my head around. How can you just throw your trash on the ground? I'm like the crying Indian when I see it happen. (If you got that please leave me a comment.)

11.) I spent too much money fee's from IO Metro within the last year. It's $100 for them to deliver and some of their stuff is delivery only as in, you can't even pick it up yourself and save the $100 even if you wanted to. I've spent $500 simply for them to bring me pieces of furniture. I have to stop talking about it now or I'll become angry.

12.) I want to to speak in different languages fluently. I'll probably never take the time to do it but how amazefest would I be if I could talk to you in Italian?

13.) If I ever met Ivy and Madison's real family I it!! I also wish I knew and could keep in contact with their "siblings." They are 2 of 5 litter mates. They had 2 sisters and a brother. I would love to know what their Mom, Dad and siblings look and act like!!

14.) I can't stop.....laughing every time I think about Scott snow skiing for the first time. He had no idea what he was doing and flew straight down the mountain at 458 mph. I couldn't keep up partly because he was going so fast but mostly because I was laughing so hard. He finally busted it and I thought we'd never go skiing again but he pushed through, took lessons and LOVES skiing now.

15.) Never have I ever.....colored my hair, eaten a PB&J, gone a day without shaving, rode a horse, or missed a single episode of Friends.

16.) Reese my new favorite celebrity. I've seen her arrest video at least 20 times and I laugh out loud so hard every time I watch it. If I was witnessing Scott getting arrested I would totally act just like her. I think she's genius to say he couldn't arrest her because she was an American citizen standing on American soil. My favorite part is when she claimed she was pregnant and needed to use the restroom. The whole thing is just beyond.

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  1. sometimes our conversations are not to be made public. #embarrassedbut notreally #lol and who doesn't know the crying Indian...I also laughed really hard thinking about scott skiing. AAAAAhahahaha!