Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

I had such a wonderful Memorial weekend!!!!! Saturday was full of fun birthday activities. On Sunday I was a lazy bum. I literally laid in bed almost all day watching Harry Potter. I finally peeled myself out by 2:00 and showered. It was wonderful. That evening we met up with a couple of neighbor couples at the pool where we grilled and chilled. 
On Monday I woke up so anxious for the day!! I hopped in the shower right away, went to Target then Fresh Market to get goodies and was at the pool by 10:45. I stayed until about 7:00. Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? Especially when it comes to pool activities. It's the best part of my summer!
Everyone brought their own food to grill for their family and it was so fun hanging with everyone and watching the kiddos splash around. Scott and I made brats, I sprayed sunscreen on me all day (but still managed to miss spots and get burned) and sipped on a few Bud Light Limes after I devoured almost half a gallon of McAlisters tea. Iced Tea by the pool = perfection.
Today I ate lunch with one of my favorite neighbors at the most amazing little gem in Northwest Arkansas and I can't believe it's taken me so long to try it out--Crepes Paulette. It's in downtown Bentonville and I've heard about it for years but have never tried it out. It was so amazing!! I didn't get a chance to take any pictures but I'm making Scott go with me on Saturday so I'll share more about it later. It's worthy of an entire blog post just by itself!
Ivy and Madison got their hair cut yesterday. I love when they get their hair cut because they look extra, extra cute to me!!! I used to have it cut every 6 weeks but I decided this time that I'm going to start doing it every 4 weeks. They get too scraggly. They weren't in the mood to pose for photos tonight.
I texted Jaclyn Sunday morning asking her if she had that baby yet because I kinda needed her to. She didn't which is a major bummer (how amaze would I have been if I had totally nailed it) but I talked to Jake tonight and he said he wouldn't make me give him the $50 I technically owed him. I would be willing to bet anyone who reads my blog ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS that she has her tomorrow. May 30th. Any takers?


  1. Does it make me nosey and/or creepy that I'm on pins and needles to know if she's had her baby yet and that everyone is doing ok? �� Praying so!! And ps. I'm jealous of your fun neighborhood pool!

    1. Haha! Not nosy or creepy! She arrived this evening and everything is perfect! Sweetest thing there ever was!!!!! :)