Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adorbs Alert

Hey everyone! How's your weekend? Mine has consisted of me looking like this.
I went to the doctor yesterday because I've been having extreme abdominal pains all over every inch of my stomach. It started about 2 weeks ago but has been off and on. Then it became consistent for a couple of days without going away so I decided to go see what was wrong. I was there for a really long time and they did all sorts of tests and of course they sent me home saying nothing was wrong with me. Not that I want there to be something wrong but when the doctor left the room I cried to Scott. Seriously? I'm not making it up so something is wrong. Figure it out.
Other than being all pitiful and sporting a heating pad like it's the hottest (no pun intended) new accessory, I've been enjoying my puppies and their adorable new haircuts!
I LOVE when the girls hair is this length. It is extra, extra cute to me. I wish I could get them trimmed up every 2 weeks so they would always look like this but that would cost a small fortune. It's impressive how fast their hair grows!
I know they're small but they look super tiny when they're freshly groomed and I could just eat them up! Ivy and Madison are too cute! I love these little munchkins!

I took Rose back home this morning so she would be there when her parents got back with her little sister! When Scott and I were driving her home Scott said "Rose you have no idea how much your world is about to change!" It made me laugh. I'm very curious to know what Rose thinks about Emerson. Brad and Jaclyn love Rose like I love my (4 legged) babies. She has always been number one! I don't think anything will change. In case it does though Ivy and Madison have already gotten her off to a great start. Jaclyn packed just one toy for Rose to have at our house and this is what my girls did to it.

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